20th-century U.S. History Undergraduates Explore Ethno-musicology

Songcatcher. Students in HIS 5350: Twentieth Century U.S. Cultural and Social History presented a public program on January 22, 2013 as part of the series, America’s Music: A Film History of our Popular Music from Blues to Bluegrass to Broadway, on display at EIU’s Booth Library, January 11-April 6, 2013. Music history requires interdisciplinary research that draws on history, anthropology, sociology and musicology. It all comes together during field work. This program explored the process that ethno-musicologists engaged in during the early twentieth century to document folk music, through the feature-length film, Songcatcher (2001). Students considered how musicologists established a research agenda and conducted their field work, how technological limitations and innovations affected it, and how insiders related to and interacted with outsiders in folk music collecting. Molly Brown, Logan Bruce, Felicia Comacho, Danielle DiGiacomo, Joshua Jordan, Daniel Lund, Anna Mullen, Clarissa Thompson, Daniel Tomar, Katherine Unruh, and Susan Voskuil participated, with Debra A. Reid, Professor.