Building a Brotherhood: Freemasonry Freely Displayed

Undergraduate students in EIU’s HIS 4930: Public History, Meaning & Method, researched, designed, and installed the exhibit “Building a Brotherhood: Freemasons in Central Illinois since World War II.” Students–Alyse Bennett, Nicholas Collins, Chase Driskell, Alexander Hamilton, Bailee Julick, Marisela Luna, Lashanna McGahee, Stephanie Templin, Emily Scarbrough; Mark Stanford, Amy Wywialowski–worked with Professors Debra A. Reid and Michael Shirley (Curator). It was on display in Booth Library, November 28, 2012 through January 18, 2013. Reid received an Integrative Learning Award from EIU for 2012 to offset exhibit expenses, and the Booth Library staff helped with production and installation.