Bemused Americanist Passes as Fleet Street Native

Dr. Charles Foy at the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich, UK

Dr. Charles Foy at Dr. Johnson’s House in London, UK (Summer 2013)

Proving to be a believer in Samuel Johnson’s edict that “when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life,” Charles Foy took two trips to London this summer. The first in June was to do a public lecture, “Remapping the Black Atlantic,” at the Black and Asian Studies Association at the University College of London.  In July Dr. Foy returned to London to present a paper, “The Royal Navy, 1775-1783: An “Island of Liberty” or A Strategic Employer of Black Labor?” at the National Maritime Museum’s “Navy and Nation” conference. The conference focused on the Royal Navy’s role in shaping Britishness and component notions of class, race and gender.   A revised version of Dr. Foy’s paper will be published next year in a NMM anthology.

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