Memories of the Charleston Riot Featured in Exhibit

Students at Eastern Illinois University have worked during the fall semester to produce an exhibit that focuses on memories of the Charleston Riot. Amy Wywialowski, history major and journalism minor, completed requirements for an independent study with this project. She worked with other students enrolled in HIS 4930: Public History: Meaning & Method who had the responsibility of research on the ways individuals associated with the event remembered (and forgot) the event over time, how veterans remembered the event, and how others not involved made it part of Charleston economic development. These students included Alex Gillespie and Michael Ludwinski, both graduate students in the history department, and Alex Scalise, an undergraduate student majoring in history with teacher certification and minoring in anthropology.

Credit: Amy Wywialowski

Credit: Amy Wywialowski

The Coles County Historical Society sponsored the exhibit which will open Dec. 4, Wednesday, 4:00-5:15 pm. Stay tuned for an announcement about where the general public can see this exhibit between early December and the public events planned for the 150th riot anniversary event (March 27-29, 2014).

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