Exploring Ancient Rome and Persia

Lee E. Patterson participated in the conference “The Sasanian Empire and Rome,” the title for the first day of a larger event called “Persia & Rum,” covering topics from ancient (day one) and medieval and modern Iran (day two) on 14-15 November 2013 in Rome, Italy.  This conference was held at the British School at Rome and sponsored by the British Institute of Persian Studies.  Dr. Patterson’s paper, “The Role of Religion in Romano-Sasanian Relations,” explored the way in which Zoroastrianism and Christianity influenced how Roman emperors and Sasanian Great Kings related to each other diplomatically and militarily.  Eastern Illinois University was the only American institution represented at the conference on ancient Iran.  The conference organizers hope to publish a volume based on the papers presented, and Dr. Patterson has been invited to contribute.  While in Rome, Patterson also made sure to visit what sites he could and take pictures for his ancient Roman history collection.

Lee E. Patterson in front of the Pantheon

Lee E. Patterson in front of the Pantheon

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