History Student and Colleagues Win State Historical Society Award

On Saturday, April 26, 2014, The Illinois State Historical Society honored historians, museums, and societies who have advanced the study and preservation of Illinois history. Awards were presented at the 115th Annual meeting of the ISHS, held at the Illinois Executive Mansion in Springfield. EIU history major Amy Wywialowski, and her colleagues in the EIU Public History Class of Fall 2013, were awarded the Superior Achievement Award in recognition of their exhibit, “Seven Score and Ten Years: The Stories and Memories of the Charleston Riot.”

Credit: Amy Wywialowski

Credit: Amy Wywialowski

As per ISHS’ press release on the award and significance of the exhibit:

Ms. Wywialowski and her student colleagues at Eastern Illinois University have created an exhibit that does just what an exhibit should do: Engage the viewer to the extent that he or she decides to pursue the subject matter outside the confines of the exhibit hall. The principal content of the exhibit is a series of full-color panels containing photographs, copies of 19th century newspaper clippings, and other items that are both striking and engaging. It succeeded ably in painting a fascinating picture of the event know as the Charleston Riot, and bravely takes a stand. “Amidst the overall carnage of the Civil War this event does not seem particularly striking, but in actuality it is paradigmatic of the very serious struggle the North needed to undertake in regions with strong Democratic Party membership that had little reason to be enthusiastic about the continuation of the war in the parlous spring of 1864 to maintain the cohesiveness of the Northern states.”

Congratulations to Amy and her colleagues!

Amy and her colleagues also were featured in a recent article on EIU 360, Eastern Illinois University’s online magazine. Please read more about the students and their exhibit over at the EIU 360 site.

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