Telstar On the Road

Newton Key, "Telstar 60s" at Mattoon Depot, 13 November 2014

Newton Key, “Telstar 60s” at Mattoon Depot, 13 November 2014

Dr. Newton Key reflected on music from the 1960s in a joint session with Music Dept. professor, Jemmie Robertson as part of Booth Library’s series “Revolutionary Decade: Reflections on the 1960s,” once at Booth Library on 12 November, and again the next evening at Mattoon Depot, 13 November. Dr. Key’s contribution, “Telstar 60s: Global Influences in American Pop,” noted that the early 60s internationalism of chart hits like “Dominique,” “Sukiyaki,” and the first ska-hit “My Boy Lollipop,” disappeared from the charts for a few years during the mid-60s as Beatles-inspired British Invasion made rock-based pop the order of the day. Such internationalism reappeared by the end of the decade, as his own memory of the appearance of the reggae hit “The Israelites” on Montgomery, Alabama radio attests. Future historians of Rihanna or Meghan Trainor, your training starts now.

Newton Key on Telstar 60s at Mattoon Depot

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