Eastern’s History Department On the Road

IMAG0716For Josh Fulton (EIU MA in History, 2007) it must have seemed like a blast from the past: sitting in a classroom watching Newton Key and Ed Wehrle ply their trade. But this time, it was Fulton’s own classrooms at Moraine Valley Community College in Palos Hills, where he has been a tenure-track faculty member for the past five years. For Drs. Wehrle and Key, who each “guest lectured” in one of Fulton’s classes, the visit on 4 December was a chance to connect with community college students who might consider transferring to Eastern. It also offered an opportunity to touch base with alumni like Josh and Matthew Berry (also MA in History, 2007)—an analyst and modeler at the Argonne National IMAG0710Laboratory, who slipped away from the lab for a few hours to join the mini-reunion. Melissa Greco (MA in History, 2010), who also teaches at Moraine, stopped by to say hello after teaching her African History class. We all look forward to constructing stronger ties between our two Illinois campuses.

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